Change management


A rapidly changing environment has become a reality for many companies.

This is why it is important to acquire change management skills internally.


Preparing and managing change in your company.

Practical training: the method, tools and techniques of consultants.


Learn the process using your change examples.

Prepare your change project with the help of the consultants.

Make the training profitable with your ready-to-use management plan.


Theory is good but practice is better...

Discovery of the SHAKE change management process including :

- Analysis of the deliverable

- Analysis of the culture of change

- Active Stakeholder management

- Analysis of the critical path and action plans

- Structuring a project plan

- Preparation of the Kick-off

- Project management actions

- Closure of the change project

- Effective communication strategies

- Integration of continuous improvement logics in the change management process

- Experience sharing with SHAKE Consulting customers.

Next sessions

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